Zaragoza is for foodies!

Zaragoza is for foodies!


The city of Zaragoza is a great center of folklore and learning, a stopping point between Madrid and Barcelona and a wonderful place for foodies with its rich gastronomy. Our recent trip across the Iberian Peninsula put us here for an overnight and we really discovered something wonderful about the culinary offerings.




There are great Tapas bars, restaurants, cafes and places to experience prepared food in the city. Doña Casta, La Riserva, Meli Melo and La Cueva en Aragón are just a few of the wonderful places to enjoy tasty delights like tosta de foie, montaditos and Pai-pai crujiente con brandada. La Matilde and Bal d’Onsera are places to really splurge with a succulent meal.


Stores:Zaragoza is for foodies!

While the restaurants in the heart of Aragon benefits from the culinary traditions which blend from all across the Iberian peninsula, the real magic we found in the wonderful stores which one can browse like a library of ingredients to cook or prepare a wonderful meal. The best among these is a gourmet store with almost 100 years of tradition in the city: Montal. It is located in the Plaza San Felipe. The presentation and high quality of ingredients is second to none and it is really a paradise for foodies like us who love preparing our own creations.



There are markets all over Zaragoza specializing in stamps, antiques, clothing on any given day of the week. Right at the heart of the city is the central market whose building has been here around 100 years, but the site itself has served as the food market for around 700 years. There are many fresh vegetables and fruits from the surrounding plains on offer. The marketplace is large and feels like a terminal or station with its long, winding halls. The seafood stalls are well packed with fresh catches daily. There is lots of artwork in the market to enjoy as well as the period architecture.


Zaragoza is for foodies!

Matt and George

Matt and George

We are friends of many years. Living in opposite parts of the world, with different lives and responsibilities: History teacher and Medical Doctor. Sharing a passion for travel, hospitality, food, and wine. We love to inspire others to venture into these journeys of discovery and exploration.

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