You may not have heard of Zakopane, but its the ski vacation spot of Poland’s elite


You may not have heard of Zakopane, but its the ski vacation spot of Polands elite

One of Europe’s most affordable ski in panoramic splendor


Poland is an excellent destination for affordable encounters with nature. Its Tatras mountain range in the southernmost region is just a few hours drive from the major cities of Warsaw and Krakow on excellent highways. The region stands out among the more affordable places in to partake in winter sports without sacrificing good amenities and excellent slopes.


There are lots of small towns, rural and resort centers in many towns around, but Zakopane is perhaps the most valued city in the region. It is a place full of activity no matter what time of year. Hiking, skiing snowboarding and amazing getaways in a most affordable spot, that’s the name of the game here. The town had a laid back feel to it and is a great place to shop, eat and walk. Venture just a stone’s throw from the center and one can find endless ski schools, mountainside runs and wintry slopes of every kind.


The thing they all have in common is affordability. Lift passes, equipment rental and the full range of services are affordable even for local standards and even more so for international ones. The more popular places to ski are Kasprowy Wierch, Nosal and Gubałówka.





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