Hilton Xi’an: Experience China’s imperial city in splendid comforts


Hilton Xi’an: Experience China’s imperial city in splendid comforts

The imperial splendor of the Hilton Xi’an lobby in China


Perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of visiting the heart of an ancient empire is experiencing some of the pomp and circumstance in your own accommodation. It can really set the mood of the trip and enable one to see the present reflections of past glories. A place that undoubtedly delivers in this regard is Hilton Xi’an.


As a reference point the hotel honestly seems more like a Conrad property, the luxury level accommodation in the Hilton chain. It is positively ornate, elaborate and well conceived. The construction itself makes part of the local Wanda Plaza. The staff are friendly and attentive from the moment of arrival. The lobby can be full at times with the large tour groups that are being ushered in and out, but staff work quickly to get one all set up. We requested an upgrade and received it. The lobby is nothing short of majestic imperial. It contains replicas of local treasures, abundant trimmings of gold, precious gems and crystal. Massive paintings line the walls and polished stone floors reflect the brilliance.


Hilton Xi’an: Experience China’s imperial city in splendid comforts

halls and rooms are decorated in elaborate design

The Room to which we were upgraded was stellar. It was a suite that occupied a corner of the building. Inside there was abundant use of deep purples, reds, gold and white colors. Fabrics and furniture were durable and heavy, enough so that everything felt incredibly comfy right down to the curtains. There was generous closet space, a living room, two bathrooms and an elegant yet simple working desk. The larger bathroom included a rain shower and soaking tub with a window.

The entire central portion of the hotel is centered around a garden courtyard. It begins from the 5th floor and can be viewed from some rooms and all the walking corridors. The 8th floor is the executive floor and location of the executive lounge. For those with access via honors status or those looking to upgrade, it is an excellent call. The lounge service is attentive and friendly. They offer an evening service of cocktails and hot and cold dishes. Throughout the day they have fruits, cookies and drinks available. Breakfast for all is taken in the downstairs restaurant, which is a large spread of options mostly tailored to the tastes of western tourists who frequent the hotel. This same area features a fantastic bar and several restaurants for dinner options.


Hilton Xi’an: Experience China’s imperial city in splendid comforts

The comforting spa and relaxing pool are a perfect respite in the hotel

The Hilton is also one of the few that is located within the old walls of Xi’an. Buses, walking or cabs are easy to catch to explore the millennia old walls, visit the Muslim market and Mosque, the Bell and Drum Towers and the countless malls.


The Hotel also has a sharp and modern fitness center, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam facility.  Staff are on hand to assist with whatever one needs and the adjacent spa is full of professional and dynamic treatments. Hilton Xian is built like a modern palace. It is certainly a gem amidst Hilton properties and a standard bearer in personality, décor, friendliness and charm. It is an elegant place to encounter the luxuries of ancient China’s capital city.


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