Wine Tourism in China? Indeed, it is a flourishing Industry there!

Wine Tourism in China? Indeed, it is a flourishing Industry there!


China is a market with incredible potential not only for consumption, but because of the high volume of production. In fact is among the fifth largest producers of wine in the world. A booming new middle class is eager to enjoy great wines and this not only means to import good bottles, but to produce a better local quality.


In fact this is a country with tremendous potential since there are so many different terroirs and climates that virtually any kind of varietal local or from outside can be grown in China. Wine is a young Industry in the giant Asian country and its development is not free of some pains, but for now according to experts one can enjoy some very respected wines from China, in fact only 10 percent of the wine for local consumption is imported.


With production comes the influx of tourism, in the beginning it was probably just locals, then curious international visitors and now all kinds of wine lovers from all corners of the world, and some have arrived even to stay, this brings new experience and knowledge that increases the potential for the future of the wine Industry.


Another of the strengths of wine tourism is not only the fact that one is witnessing the rise of a new industry with a bright future, but here history and natural beauty blends together in one of the most fascinating countries of the world.


In recent years local producers have learned that organization, discipline, education and knowledge is the basis for their future success, wine regions have organized local councils and systems of classification that impose strict standards for what can be sold under a certain name. A good example are the wines coming from Ningxia, an autonomous region in the West of the country. Some of the best wines of China are coming from there and they just implemented a system very similar to the one used for decades in .


The problem for wine enthusiasts, potential tourists is not the shortage of destinations, but actually the abundance. Wine has been traditionally produced in areas as close of Beijing, namely the Hebei Province, even not far from Tianjin. Here it is more a matter of volume, they have to fight with fungus because of the humid summers and producers have to spread more chemicals to be able to obtain decent grapes.


Close to the city of Taiyuan is located Grace Vineyard, this is considered one of the finest producers in the country. The good news for tourists is that it is possible to visit the vineyard, to taste the wines and to be immersed in such an amazing place. The vineyard was founded with the collaborations of French experts.


The slopes of Mount Helan in Ningxia is another place of production of wines with excellent quality, some of their bottles have won international recognition being acclaimed by enologist experts. Those wanting to visit this area may want to go to Silver Heights Vineyards, located only thirty miles away from the city of Yinchuan. Emma Gao is the founder, she is a young entrepreneur trained in France with an incredible vision to deliver some of the finest wines in the whole country.


There are other attractive wine regions in China, Xinjiang in inner Mongolia has been producing wine using traditional methods during thousands of years and there are now some modern wineries delivering great quality. Shandong region in the South is another very developed area with many vineyards and the possibility of organized tours for international visitors. There are even some companies in the United Stated specializing now in wine tours to China. So, wine lovers: China is a place that offers a lot to visitors!



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