An amazing wine shop in Buenos Aires

An amazing wine shop in Buenos Aires


Vinnovo is a fantastic wine store and vinoteca in the heart of Recoleta. It has an awesome selection of Argentinian wines and a cozy alcove where one can enjoy a bottle and good conversation on site.


The posh wine shop is situated on Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 500 just minutes away from Avenida del Julio. As we entered we were made to feel welcome in the wine shop. The staff made sure we were well informed about wine, there is sometimes an intimidation factor to know everything or spend a lot to have a good experience, but this was not the case here at all.



We found this to be a high class and yet approachable place to buy Argentian wines. Here you can go beyond their typical exports and dive into the really good stuff.

An amazing wine shop in Buenos Aires


We set a budget approached the person ands recommended to drink the wine there in their little intimate patio where she gave a whole explanation of the wine we choose, why it was good and enjoyed an amazing wine in a great budget in a wonderful place. For those who want a hassle free introduction to very good Argentinian wine this is a wonderful place to try.



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