Why Kuala Lumpur is a great hub to explore South East Asia and beyond

Why Kuala Lumpur is a great hub to explore South East Asia and beyond


We are right now in the midst of a three month trip around the world. Kuala Lumpur has been one of our main hubs to explore Southeast Asia. We are very familiar with the city and we are convinced it is an excellent destination by itself and as hub. Here are some of the reasons why we find this city so great.


Abundance of excellent affordable hotels
Almost any imaginable brand and name of hotels is present in the capital of . Luxury in hospitality is much more affordable here than in many other countries around. Service is exceptional and there are many other lodging options ranging from hostels to boutique hotels.


A great public network
Getting to and from the is extremely easy and fast. Going around the city is equally easy. The network of public transportation is made up of metro, trains, elevated tram and buses. A single trip inside the town goes for around 50 cents (USD).


A super efficient airport

There are actually two airports, both equally great. The main one handles regular airlines. There is endless shopping, excellent lounges and many restaurants. The low cost terminal is anything but low cost, it is actually a super modern airport on its own, many capitals of the world wish to have something like it as their main airport.


Fabulous airlines
Malaysia Airlines is a super good option to fly with at very affordable prices, friendly service, modern planes and generous bag allowances. There are many options to choose from low cost carriers such as Air Asia that can take you as far as Macau for even cheaper than 30 USD.


A capital with an International vibe
Kuala Lumpur is a very fun destination. People are open minded. It is a shopping haven. There are all kinds of restaurants to choose from, including excellent vegetarian venues and those with international flair. The city itself is quite affordable, especially if one compares it with other destinations such as Singapore or Hong Kong.


Visas are in general easier to get in Kuala Lumpur
Our experience tells us that it is easier to get visas for other countries in Kuala Lumpur than in neighboring countries. The process is simpler, faster and many times even cheaper. A tourist visa for Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and even China is extremely easy to get in Malaysia.


Why Kuala Lumpur is a great hub to explore South East Asia and beyond


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