Why I have not quit my job to travel the world

Why I have not quit my job to travel the world


There is a travelers dream, a utopia, an El Dorado status out there that few have in fact achieved and many others are struggling at, quitting their jobs and traveling the world sustainably. While this may sound too good to be true, the truth is it probably is. That’s why we’ve followed a different formula for travel success and have been to over 120 countries and counting.


We have kept our jobs and still traveled the world. Is it that our jobs bring us on many business trips? Hardly. Is it that we’ve found a way to make money on the road which is the holy grail of many globetrotters but really only works for a select few? Not at all. Our and writing are produced out of our own experiences to encourage people to travel the way we travel (#TWWT). What we promote is a sustainable approach to travel based around all the commitments of a career and daily responsibilities.



In our approach to traveling we always want it to be well planned, hand picked and sustainable in many facets: economic, time, interest and responsibility. We’ve managed to cross the world many times over by being very disciplined in financial savings. Learning to avoid wasting money in our daily routines, building up a savings account for future trips and learning how to constantly refine reservations and use public , local supermarkets and live on the road as responsibly as we do at home whenever possible.



The best way to find time for travel is to make time. We are always on top of our calendars looking to maximize days off and vacation time. We travel at off peak times or consolidate all possible off time into a lengthy trip. Time is the most precious resource any of us have really and so much of it gets wasted. Even using transit time to work on school or work projects can be a very efficient way to make more time for travel while still covering our responsibilities. Remember if you want something done, give it to a busy person.



While wanderlust is a buzz word these days it actually portrays a lack of purpose. That romantic notion of aimlessly wandering without responsibility. It may be possible to survive going around the earth this way, but what quality of life or real personal growth are you achieving? We incorporate travel into our busy lives because it is an essential way to gain perspective, learn and expand our experience of the world and enjoy its richness. We are on a journey with a destination, not simply looking for the road to show us the way.



Being a self employed or scribe for hire vagabond in our opinion is irresponsible. Travelers need health insurance, many countries won’t give you a without proof you have savings, we need to be good citizens and representatives of the country that issues us a passport. In short it is possible to be a global citizen, but you cannot be a good international representative if you are not a good representative of your own citizenship. Responsibility means avoiding places, scenarios and situations where one’s health, safety or life may be in increased danger.



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