Who We Are

Who We Are


George is a medical student who has lived in seven different countries (currently Costa Rica) and personally visited over 100. George is a passionate vegetarian and wine enthusiast. He is an avid road cyclist who enjoys the challenge of a course through the mountains. He is most at peace in nature and is particularly enthusiastic about finding what is unique and beautiful in every single travel destination.


Who We Are


Matt loves running and cycling as well as humanities and history. His recent change of path to becoming an educator in the Middle East paired with his love of traveling has brought him to travel blogging.  He has visited over 80 countries so far and he loves discovering new places and enjoying old favorites. As someone passionate about education he loves multicultural learning from international educational experiences. He is fond of exploring cultural traditions particularly related with wellness and wine.


Our Mission:

Who We Are

Admirablejourneys.com is our creative space where we share bespoke travel inspiration for the everyday traveler. We are professionals with careers outside the travel industry, however between the two of us, we have visited over 130 countries. Our approach to traveling is to make our trips memorable with top notch experiences. We seek to engage and inspire any traveler who wants to enjoy and savor elite experiences in a destination. A healthy budget of course helps with top notch adventures, but we’ve found that having a discerning attitude is what is most essential for the everyday traveler to travel well.


What we can do for you:

Who We Are

Allow us to inspire your discerning wanderlust. Follow us on facebook and instagram to receive daily photos, travel articles or tips from our personal experiences.

Send us your travel questions. Or better yet, hire us to be your personal travel advisors on your next trip. Our services are always personalized and can be as extensive as you wish.

We are always happy to hear from you and answer your questions: contact@admirablejourneys.com



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