Who We Are

Who We Are


How We Got Our Start:

So we were both half a world away from our respective homes, studying abroad in , when we met and planned our first trip (it was just a couple of days in Romania). It was 2008 and we spent hours researching before we went. We checked out guidebooks from the local library. We searched through message boards online. We called hotel concierges from five star and hostels alike. Our goal was this: we wanted an experience. We wanted to be able that when we went to , we saw more than just the typical items on the visitor checklist. We wanted to say we stepped outside of ourselves and did something extraordinary.

It is difficult to describe the sensation of encountering something wholly different from what you’re used to. The beauty of it feels so tangible in the moment–and yet, incredibly difficult to hold onto. Photographs, travel journals, even poetry–we’ve tried it all in an attempt to immortalize our experiences. Some endeavors were, admittedly, less successful than others (i.e. don’t go looking for Joseph’s Haikus). We realized the only way to truly ensure that beauty survived was to pass it on to others. It comes down to sharing.

“It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.” – Paulo Coelho


Our Mission:

Between the two of us, we have visited 132 countries. We have witnessed so much: panoramic views of mountains that left even George speechless, bodies of water in shades of blue we didn’t even know existed, fully intact colonial buildings in the midst of a shantytown. That’s not even mentioning the enormously rich diversity of cultures we’ve walked through and marveled at. Now we want to help others feel what we felt and know that same beauty.

We are so willing and ready to help with that, in whatever capacity people will permit us: from as little as providing photos and quick synapses of unknown or barely-explored places on up to meticulously planning a full trip of adventures.

Follow us on facebook and instagram to receive daily photos, travel articles or tips from our vast collection. Send us your travel questions. Or better yet, hire us to be your personal travel advisors on your next trip. We can do the grunt-work in research for you. We’ll even book your reservations for you if you’d like. Our services are always personalized and can be as extensive as you wish.


Who We Are:

Who We Are



George is a medical student who has lived in seven different countries (currently Costa Rica). George is a passionate vegetarian and wine enthusiast. He is an avid road cyclist who enjoys the challenge of a course through the mountains. He is most at peace in nature and is particularly enthusiastic about finding ecosystems that have been mostly undisturbed by humans.





Who We Are




Joseph is a high school educator from the USA who loves running, gardening, and the occasional philosophical rant (particularly in the rare instances when he is right!). Joseph enjoys new places and people and particularly destinations with great wine traditions.






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