What’s the most beautiful place I’ve traveled to?

Whats the most beautiful place Ive traveled to?


People frequently ask me which are the most beautiful places I have ever seen on earth. I have traveled a lot and have enjoyed many amazing destinations. I am a firm believer that there is always something nice to discover in every corner of the world. Inspite of that, every time I hear that question my mind is transported to a unique place on earth: Lake Bled, . Without hesitation I have to say this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Bled is located in Slovenia, a relatively young country that used to be part of Yugoslavia. Everything here seems like a painting come to life. In fact it was years ago when I was a kid and in the house of my grandparents that I saw for the first time that amazing lake with a tiny island in the center on which is located a beautiful church.


It took me years to learn that the heavenly place depicted in my grandparents painting was is Bled, a small city that is surrounded by a lake. This certainly is one of the main tourist in Slovenia. Famous for great hotels, first class restaurants and several high class casinos, Bled is an overall paradise for nature lovers.


There is nothing like hiking all the way to the top of a mountain next to the lake to enjoy the impressive views from a magical setting crowned by a medieval castle and the breathtaking panorama. I guess it takes me more than a short paragraph to describe the beauty and all the opportunities that visitors will get to enjoy in a visit to this corner of Slovenia.


Bled is located not far from the capital Ljubljana. It takes no more than an hour from there. Slovenia is a place of undisturbed nature, so it is easy find many other great attractions to enjoy along the road together with cozy local restaurants.


I just intended here to answer the question I mentioned in the beginning. In fact if the weather is right you as well will be able to get a picture as beautiful as the one I just presented here and that we have loved so much that actually has become part of our logo in thejoysoftraveling.com and admirablejourneys.com. I know there are many other beautiful places on earth, but I just can say that if one wants to see a unforgettable place one has to include Bled as a travel destination on the wish list.



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