Where to park your car in Zermatt Switzerland

Where to park your car in Zermatt Switzerland


The beautiful city of Zermatt is surreal in its alpine beauty. A city of 20,000 plus persons perched in some of the highest tranquility is made even more magical by the fact that no cars arrive within 5km of the town. So how can you get there when you’ve rented a car to drive around Switzerland? 


The closest town to which cars can arrive is Täsch. From here it is possible to take a train which most opt for or a battery powered taxi. The parking lot is secure and has over 2100 spaces available. The facilities are spacious and accommodate covered parking and the train is equipped for travelers luggage as well as sports equipment.


The train journey takes 12 minutes to complete and the trains run every 20 minutes. Around 83 trains run per day which means it is virtually a round the clock service and the parking lot is accessible at all hours with no need of an advance registration.


Be sure and take the train ride in the daytime if you can, the views in the mostly glass covered train are gorgeous and best seen in the vivid mountain sunlight.


Where to park your car in Zermatt Switzerland



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