What to do in Nazareth, Israel

What to do in Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth is one of those towns in that reflects in an special way the diversity of the country. It is one of the most important for Christians from around the world who regard it as the home place of Jesus and his family. It is an ancient Arab town, very different from the the rest of Israel. A place with history but with modern amenities as well, Nazareth deserves more than a quick visit. Here are some of the principal attractions to enjoy while there.


Annunciation Basilica: It is here that Christians from around the world arrive every day to pray and connect with their faith. This is a modern Basilica, that is actually made up of three levels. On the ground level are located ancient ruins that Christians have venerated since antiquity as the familiar house of Mary the Mother of Jesus.


Saint Joseph Church: In the same complex that Annunciation Basilica is located, one can find what is known as Joseph’s Workshop: another beautiful church built upon ancient ruins. The crypt is a very interesting place to visit.


The Old Market: known as the souk, it is situated in the same old part of the town this is a typical Arab market, like those of Egypt or Istanbul. It is very nice to walk around and be immersed in the atmosphere. This is the place to buy fruits, drink a Arabic coffee or get some souvenirs.


To enjoy the local delicacies: Arabic food is unique and delicious, there are many excellent places to eat in Nazareth, from more luxurious restaurants to simple eateries. Here is the place to savor typical dishes, cheese, olives and the delicious bread.


Elbabour: this is a must see for everyone but especially for those who love cooking. It is an impressive spice store, where one can find exotic spices to add the local flavors to food back at home.


Church of Jesus the adolescent: Set up on a hill, this church is a must see in Nazareth. It is a beautiful example of gothic architecture. One has to be ready to go up almost three hundred stairs, but it is worth it not only for the beauty of this building, but because of the priceless view of the town.


 Kafr Kana: The ancient village not far from Nazareth known as the place of the first miracle of Jesus during a wedding. It is a beautiful place to walk around, one has not to miss the many churches. There is a very well kept old part of the town.


Mary’s Well: it is said to be the well where Mary collected water every day. Since ancient times Christians believe these waters have miraculous properties. The area around is filled with a great vibe and excellent restaurants.


Enjoy the modern comforts of Nazareth: This is not a very small town and as such there are several modern centers where one can go and walk around, do a little shopping, enjoy a movie or have a delicious dinner. There is even Cafe Cafe the very good franchise restaurant of Israel.


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