What makes a great hotel wellness area?

What makes a great hotel wellness area?


The many luxury properties we’ve traveled to around the world have some standards in common, a great bed, spacious rooms, detailed service etc. Certainly having a good wellness area often a gym and spa often accompanies these features. The range of what is defines a wellness area is broad and that’s why we’ve identified what really makes a great hotel wellness area for our travel taste. 


The issue of space

Many will build beautiful and luxurious spas and gyms at their resort properties. It makes sense there is lots of room, a captive audience with more leisure time and likely more people to be using it at once. Hotels in of high rises might offer a smaller or very reduced wellness area due to space issues or building permits. While this claim has some logistical merit we’ve seen hotels in the same downtown or type of building who have had vastly different wellness offerings, so for us it seems it is a matter of if the hotel really wants to make this a priority. Many city hotels make their spas and gyms underground or on higher floors to take advantage of the logistical perks of each. We feel that the size of a wellness area does not make it good or bad, it is what is offered, no matter how small that can make it great.


What’s inside?

The hotel wellness areas that we’ve come to enjoy the most are those with a well equipped gym and a steam room. Having cold towels, a sauna, refreshments, a lounge area, treatment rooms and well priced massages makes it even better. Hotels can of course get as complex or simple as they choose, but what often makes the difference for our decision on a hotel is if it has a good gym and steam room. Since exercise and healthy living is something integral to life at home, it is to life on the road too. One should travel and stay in places that contribute to your daily personal lifestyle.


What it says about the hotel

It seems to go hand in hand in every place we’ve been. Hotels which have good wellness facilities attract people who enjoy things like slow travel, bespoke experiences, quality food, quiet and relaxation. A hotel’s wellness area is a reflection in our estimation of the clients it hopes to have and this gets reflected the hotel’s many other attitudes and areas of hospitality as well.


What makes a great hotel wellness area?

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