Western grocery stores in Osaka, Japan

Western grocery stores in Osaka, Japan


Japanese cuisine is unique and adventurous even if one has been exposed to it outside . It is so unique and diverse from many Western diets that one could be a little overwhelmed or even hesitant about diving into a local market or shop. Our approach to travel is to experience the ins and outs of a place in an authentic and everyday life sort of way. So you won’t find us shoving strange (to us) things down our throats just for the thrill of it. Our slow travel method means we like to cook, prepare our own meals and go with a majority of food items we are familiar with in order to enjoy and tour our destination without having a meal we just don’t like or risk getting sick or having a reaction to local food items.


Being responsible about our consumption and finding familiar western food products at grocery stores is a challenge in Japan. Osaka is a big city and there are groceries and markets everywhere, but to find imported products one has to have a little knowledge about which stores specialize in these items.



Where to go:

Osaka has a covered outdoor street called Shinsaibashi Suji. This is one of Osaka’sbusiest shopping destinations which stretches from the financial district to the Namba transport hub. In total it runs about 600 meters in length. There are several stores along the route that carry import and Western style foodstuffs. If coming from further than walking distance arrive via the Metro at the Yotsubashi Metro Stop. A good tip anywhere in the city is to remember most department stores will have a gourmet food section in their basement level.



Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store

This is a 3 building department store complex in which each building has 14 floors of shopping. There is a North Building, Main Building and South Building. The grocery store is located on Floors B1F and B2F. The products are of a decent price even when things are more expensive in Japan. The cashiers are efficient and take all forms of credit card. They really take care in wrapping all your jars and glassware. Inside the store one can find food arranged according to sections including a large import section. There is an entire sweets floor, as well as high end bakeries and meat and fish stations. This is a top choice for great Western groceries.



Euro Club

This is a smaller storefront but with an equally good selection of import groceries from around the world. Euro Club is located under the Shinsaibashi Suji covered shopping arcade. It is surrounded by restaurants and it is around 200 meters North of the Daimaru shopping buildings.


Western grocery stores in Osaka, Japan







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