We love discovering new Chinese wine and here’s where to buy it in China

We love discovering new Chinese wine and heres where to buy it in China

Chinese wines are hard to find outside of and we love following the development of this up and coming market. Many of the wines being produced don’t yet hold a candle to the world renowned producers, but there are some outstanding producers doing great work as well as many good drinking options available too. 


Because the Chinese themselves idolize wines from outside the country we have only ever found very small sections of Chinese produced wines in grocery stores like Walmart or other chains. This past trip while in Chengdu (a city with a strong foodie and wine tradition) we discovered a specialty wine shop which is found in most major Chinese that carries a good selection of Chinese wines. 


The store is called 1919 and it had almost twenty locations around the city. It offered around thirty different types of Chinese wines from affordable to more elaborate offerings. It is a good idea to review recommended wines before you go as store staff will only be able to converse in Chinese normally. The producers Great Wall and Changyu had the most wines represented from their entry level table wines to more select reserves. If you happen to find wines from Grace Vineyards you have discovered China’s greatest success story to date. The only Chinese producer who has successfully challenged the hallowed producers of Bordeaux and won several competitions. 

We love discovering new Chinese wine and heres where to buy it in China



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