Tips for washing your clothes while traveling: How to get rid of that awful smell

Tips for washing your clothes while traveling: How to get rid of that awful smell


On a long trip it is easy to run out of clean clothes and laundering services may be either out of range financially or even physically. Here are some tips about how you can wash your clothes well by hand with some simple ingredients.


Find a space to wash

Whether you are in a hotel or hostel, a sink or tub will do just fine as a space to let clothes soak and rinse them. Hot water is essential as well as a drain you can close in order that the clothes have time to soak.


Add White Vinegar for best results

If you are on the road chances are laundry detergent is a luxury you aren’t lugging around in the suitcase. Still you may find small quantities at a grocery store. However a winning combination of hotel soap and a small amount of white vinegar (which you most likely can get by asking from a hotel restaurant) will work wonders. Soap itself is good, but the white vinegar will remove any odors and actually has beneficial properties for softening clothing. Be sure and only use white vinegar. Lemon is a possibility as well but may stain certain types of clothing.


Finishing the laundry

After clothes have soaked, drain your basin, and rinse with hot water. Wring them dry as best you can and them put them on hangars for optimal drying. Depending on the air and humidity clothes may take 12-36 hours to dry so be sure to wash with enough time before you intend to pack again.

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