Do I need a tourist visa for my destination? What about for transit? Here is everything you need to know about it.


Do I need a tourist visa for my destination? What about for transit? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Visas are certainly one of the more complicated and least enjoyable parts of the travel process. As travel bloggers we’ve dealt with more than our fair share of these documents and we know it can be even more difficult and frustrating for others based on nationality and rules.


What to consider:

It is important to remember when you start your process of determining what you may need to enter or transit through a country on your itinerary that you understand there are many variables to be aware of:

Your particular citizenship

The purpose of your trip

The time of year

The particular country to which you are going or transiting through


Step 1: Search

We always start our search for travel requirements before getting any tickets. An internet search is a great way to get a look at the information available, but it is NOT a sure or final solution because visa requirements are constantly changing.


Step 2: Verify the information

As travel bloggers who try to share our visa and transit experiences we get tons of questions at this level. Many travelers read a helpful post and look to us to answer a particular question about their visa or transit question. An example might go like this:

Traveler: Hello I am from _______ and I would  like to know if you can confirm I will get a visa on arrival in _____ country? From what we have read and posted in our article it seems travelers from your country to that country can get a visa on arrival.

Traveler: Can you confirm for me that I will be able to get the visa? We are not an official government agency and are only operating with the information we have experienced or researched online. So we cannot guarantee you will get the visa.

Traveler: What can I do to guarantee or be sure I will be able to get the visa? We always recommend you contact the consulate of your destination country or transit country directly. It is a simple call you can make to get the most official statement on your particular travel situation.

Traveler: Thanks can you please give me the phone number of that consulate? It is very easy to find online, please contact the consulate in your country or the nearest one to your country.


As travel bloggers we are trying to help as much as we can by sharing information and experiences but it cannot replace the official rules and regulations that a country sets. It is good to reach out to us and as much as we love to receive questions and comments, it is not fair, or even the best way to deal with the issue to make travel bloggers responsible for your trip. We are happy to orient and suggest information, but the place to go for official policy is the consulate.


Step 3: Contacting the Consulate


If there is a Consulate for your destination or transit country in your home country it is best to call them. If there is not maybe one in a neighboring country. From our experience there is always almost always a consulate in the , England, Hong Kong, and Tokyo that you may call as well.


In order to have some official backing to the information you receive we recommend you get the consulate to fax or email you a semi official statement so that you will have something documented for your trip.If this is not possible at least take name, phone number and position of the person with whom you spoke in the Consulate.

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