Visa requirements for Kyrgyzstan

Visa requirements for Kyrgyzstan

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This is certainly an adventure zone, there are reliable tourism companies and some really remote mountain lakes, fields and lands which are breathtakingly beautiful, but much patience and planning are required to get there.

The following countries do not need a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan and may stay up to 60 days:


1. Australian union   2. Republic Austria   3. Kingdom Belgium   4. Bosnia and Herzegovina   5. Vatican   6. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   7. Hungary   8. Federal Republic Germany   9. Kingdom of the Netherlands 10. Greek Republic     12. Iceland   11. Kingdom Denmark   13. Ireland   14. Kingdom Spain   15. Italian Republic   16. Canada   17. Republic of Korea   18. State of Kuwait   19. Latvian Republic   20. Lithuanian Republic   21. Principality Liechtenstein 22. Great Duchy Luxembourg     23. Republic Malta   24. Principality of Monaco   25.   26. Kingdom Norway   27. United Arab Emirates   28. Republic Poland   29. Portuguese Republic   30. Kingdom Saudi Arabia   31. Republic Singapore   32. Slovak Republic   33. Republic Slovenia   34. United States of America   35. Finnish Republic   36. French Republic   37. Republic Croatia   38.   39. Swiss Confederation   40. Kingdom Sweden   41. Estonian Republic   42. State of Qatar   43. State of Brunei-Darussalam 44. Kingdom Bahrain     45. Azerbaijan (for the whole period of stay) 46. Armenia (for the whole period of stay) 47. Belarus (for the whole period of stay) 48. Cuba (for the whole period of stay); 49. Georgia (for the whole period of stay) 50. Japan  ; 51. Kazakhstan (for the whole period of stay) 52. Malaysia (up to 30 days); 53. Moldova (for the whole period of stay) 54. Mongolia (up to 90 days); 55. Russia (for the whole period of stay) 56.Tajikistan(for the whole period of stay) 57. Turkey (up to 90 days) 58. Ukraine (for the whole period of stay) 59. Uzbekistan


Citizens of the following countries may apply for a 90 day visa in any Embassy of Kyrgyzstan:  


1. Andorra 2. Argentina 3. Bulgaria 4. Brazil 5. Israel 6. Mexico 7. Thailand 8. Philippines 9. Cyprus 10. Romania 11. Montenegro 12. San Marino 13. Vietnam 14. Serbia 15. Macedonia 16.Albania 17. Venezuela 18. Chile 19.Indonesia 20.Republic of 21.Sultanate of Oman with no need of an invitation letter.



Many of the neighboring countries of the Caucasus, former Soviet Satellite Republics and Asian neighbors have no visa entry requirements and may stay for several months. Citizens of all other countries need an invitation letter, an authorization letter and other paperwork provided by the bureau for consular affairs.



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