Two great restaurants at Finca Filadelfia in Antigua, Guatemala

Two great restaurants at Finca Filadelfia in Antigua, Guatemala


Finca Filadelfia is an amazing example how an entrepreneurial dream can transform a family farm into a successful hospitality business. Located minutes away from the beautiful colonial town of Antigua Finca Filadelfia offers a five star hotel, spa, residences, top amenities and first class restaurants.

The main building is what used to be the family house and in the renovations they managed to kept to the romantic and mystical feeling of the local architecture. During the day it is possible to enjoy the view of volcanoes, rainforests and coffee plantations and at night candle lights, fountains and religious images transform this into a magical place.


There are two great restaurants on site, probably the best thing is to call ahead and make a reservation. The typical restaurant is located steps away from the main building, it is an excellent place to enjoy the surrounding breathtaking view. They serve traditional Guatemalan cuisine with an international twists. Dishes such as Pepian (Guatemalan soup), refried beans, yellow corn Tortillas and even beans ravioli get here as noble as they can be. Food is delicious and to be found in such an elegant environment it is quite affordable in comparison with equally styled restaurants in United States or . Desserts put an special emphasis in coffee, one will enjoy things from coffee flan to coffee mouse, its impossible to not have a cup of the coffee that is produced in house from the plant to the roasting process to brewing everything is happening all around you.


The international restaurant is located in the main building, it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Service is excellent and the ambiance is luxurious with a homey touch. They offer a great selection of dishes, all prepared with fresh products many of which are harvested just before the preparation of the dish in the garden that surrounds the restaurant. It is possible to choose from a nice list of wines of which main emphasis are Chilean and Spaniard wines. Everything is well presented and cooked to perfection. We loved the selection of salads and pasta, but there are certainly many different great options to choose from.


After a meal anyone will love a stroll around in the grounds of this gorgeous property. One can walk through the coffee patios (where they sun dry coffee), the beautiful pool or the perfectly manicured gardens. Filadelfia is more than a restaurant or a hotel it is an experience, a place not to miss when visiting Antigua Guatemala.


Two great restaurants at Finca Filadelfia in Antigua, Guatemala

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