Why this is a great time to plan a trip to Jordan?

Why this is a great time to plan a trip to Jordan?


Jordan is indeed one of tridents destinations of 2017, a wonderful country that has become a great example of tolerance and respect, with excellent policies to attract tourism and to offer pleasant stays to visitors. We have been in in several opportunities and we have witnessed the beauty and potential of the country. This is an excellent time to plan a visit there, with so many reasons for that we just want to list here some of the main ones.



Amazing value: Year round Jordan is a very affordable destination, are top class and they cost far less than in other comparable destinations. There are abundant options for direct flights from many international including such distant places as New York and Hong Kong.



Excellent tourist infrastructure: The good hotels and other facilities are not only found in the capital. From North to South one will have the opportunity to explore the country in comfort. Jordan has a very good network of roads and highways. Gas stations are found all around. There are many restaurants from luxurious dining venues to informal familiar eateries.



Friendly people: hospitality is in the blood of Jordanians, they make you feel welcome from the first to the last day of your stay. It is easy to perceive this friendliness in those who work in the hotels, the ones who will sell you a souvenir in the market or even the police man who is always eager to say hello and to answer the questions of visitors.



Impressive heritage: very few destinations can rival with Jordan in terms of rich history and heritage. There are ruins from amazing civilizations including Jerash and Petra. Faith can be cultivated in some of the most defining places of the history of the founding of Christianity and this is just the beginning of what is in Jordan just to be explored. Amman the capital is a fascinating city to visit with remnants of ancient buildings and the bustling of a modern capital is where any trip to Jordan should start.



Wonderful natural and archaeological sites: with an incredible diversity there is always something for anyone, from those who love archeology to those looking for the active lifestyle of the outdoors it can take weeks to explore all the beauty that Jordan has to offer.



A haven of relaxation; From the healing waters of the Dead sea, to the impressive waterfalls of Ma’in all the way to the luxurious beach front of Aqaba in the Red Sea, Jordan is a paradise of relaxation and well being, a place to be pampered!



Safe destination: This is still one of the safest destinations in the area, one should take the same precautions than in any other place in the world but for years Jordan has managed to be a very stable country, with a Monarchy that is respected and beloved by their citizens and with very respectful people that create the right environment for a visit to go without any major worries.



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I am a medical student and a world traveler native to Costa Rica, but I have lived in seven different countries and travelled to more than 100. I am vegetarian and a lover of wines. My favourite destinations always include the mountains, wild nature and places were I can bike.


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