Are you a ‘global citizen’? Here’s some travel traits we identify with it

Are you a global citizen? Heres some travel traits we identify with it


People of all stages of wanderlust, slow travel, globetrotting and thrill seeking like to use the term ‘global citizen’ in their vocabulary and so do we! It is a feeling of belonging and open mindedness that one acquires after being forced to think and rethink what is ‘normal’ after having seen so many variations on the topic. 


We have certainly gotten our fair share of culture shock, surprise and maturity by encountering other people’s realities over the years and if there is one thing we are truly sure of is that this trend will continue. The world is a big and changing place. Just for fun we’ve put together a list of some traits we’ve picked up in travels that have made us more authentic world citizens. By no means is it exhaustive and we’d love to hear some of your experiences too!


Learn to drive a manual transmission

This may seem routine or rudimentary to some, but from our perspective North Americans especially are unfamiliar with anything other than automatic transmissions. We are often kept coddled in destinations all around the world because the big car rental companies from the US often keep a good number of automatics in stock. Challenge yourself to get out of the bubble and learn to drive a manual transmission, its what most of the world does!


Drink all varities of coffee and tea

Are you a global citizen? Heres some travel traits we identify with it

The world gets its jumpstart on these caffeinated beverages almost everywhere, so if you haven’t heard of or tried them you must really get out more. Some prefer one over the other, but a global citizen should be familiar with the major expressions of both in various cultures. Countries that produce and prize their coffee and tea are little micro universes of quality and experience. From Cuban, to Turkish, to Italian to Ethiopian, coffee has many styles and expressions. The teas of , UK, , Sri Lanka and are just the beginning of a great education.


Play the Beautiful Game

We all have our favorite sports and no one is to say that any are better than the rest. But if there is one game that united the world it is football in its purest form. The Beautiful game as it is called is played across the globe and it is such a great icebreaker to encounter new friends or be introduced to a group of strangers. Having some basic knowledge of the game either to watch or to play promises to get you introduced to locals sooner rather than later. Its like talking about the weather without having to talk.


Have a Drink Anytime

Some countries don’t allow alcohol and others have some prudish codes about drinking before noon. Whatever your background may be, it is a good idea to have a drink when everyone else is having one too! Some cultures hit the bottle anytime while others just keep drinking till daybreak. Whatever the routine, having a good social openness will bring lots of good cheer and fun times.

Are you a global citizen? Heres some travel traits we identify with it


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