Airport Lounges, Travel Perks, Rewards and other things you should grow in to.

Airport Lounges, Travel Perks, Rewards and other things you should grow in to.


There are all kinds of travelers out there in the world today. They can be business people, globetrotters, occasional tourists, life mission backpackers the list goes on and on.


Putting together my own travel decisions and evolution so far, I can say I’m always changing and that seems like a good thing. The most noticeable area of change for me is what I’m willing to put up with in terms of the travel logistics themselves.


When I first started out criss crossing Europe as a backpack warrior, I had no trouble and even a fair amount of pride sleeping on cold floors, taking all night bus journeys and sustaining a minimal cost lifestyle on the road. I think there’s nothing wrong with this sort of travel, what is wrong is simply to stay there.


Along the way I traveled with other people who became good friends. With their help I began to see how all this road experience, airplane mileage, credit cards and spending just a little more, or getting the right card or accruing all your points under one hotel could make the difference of much of “the how” in my travel time.


I pay $300 a year now for some of my credit cards. I go with airlines and that have better rewards programs, maybe than a better rate in the moment. To some that might be ludicrous, but over time I’ve seen how putting aside for priorities now makes for even more pleasant traveling. Having complimentary Wifi, Breakfast included because of my membership, the status to negotiate upgrades , an in which to shower, sleep and dine during an 8 hour layover.


In short, I have been and always will be a road warrior, I can sleep on the floor with the best of them if I have to, but traveling over time has taught me to learn from and better my situation and I’m really glad it has. If I wasn’t learning from my travels it would make me wonder what value they really held. Know Thyself and Travel On.



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