Common Travel fees to be aware of and avoid

Common Travel fees to be aware of and avoid


Oftentimes even the best budgeter can find a surprise along the travel path that upsets even the best of planning. Experience and being inquisitive can yield good results. With that in mind here are some common travel fees and expenses, which one might forget about or be surprised by on the road.


The Personalized Fee


Some folks have long standing habits such as purchasing airline tickets from a representative over the phone. It may be nostalgia, an unwillingness to go online or simply the thought that perhaps a better deal is waiting. Not only are the best deals always online, but many airlines now have a standard fee they call a ‘human being fee.’ It takes time away from an employee to speak with you and this productivity will be charged into your final fare, so its best to avoid looking to book on the phone.


Resort Fees


The resort fee only applies to a specific type of hotel and is usually standard at 25 dollars per day. Often it can include some nice amenities or perks, but more and more people are wanting this just to be billed into the final price. Also be sure and you are really getting something for this fee and that if it is redundant to some benefits you already have with membership in that hotel, point this out to them and ask for what other benefits they might be able to provide.


Overpriced Hotel Parking


This is a real moneymaker for nowadays and how could it not be with the steep prices they are charging? It is happening in the as well as large countryside and resort properties too. Sometimes one might be able to negotiate the parking at check in if one has status in the hotel. Otherwise be sure to plan ahead of time by checking if parking is included, many hotels have little or nothing posted on their websites so it is always best to call ahead and confirm. Sometimes there are nearby facilities to park which offer much better rates especially in cities.



Rental Car Fees


Some rental car facilities especially in the United States that are conveniently located next to airports, train stations and transit authorities will craftily add a fee into the rental of the car that is often billed as going towards the construction of a new parking garage, facility and similar structures. This is really an additional tax being levied and the best way to avoid it is to rent cars a bit further afield from these major points of interest. It can save up to ten dollars a day in this special tax fee. Also a good idea to remember is that you might pick up a vehicle at an out of the way location, but you can return it at a major interest point for no additional charge many times. O’Hare is an example of such an additional fee.



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