What is a Travel Chat on Twitter? How to Participate in Travel Chats in Twitter?

What is a Travel Chat on Twitter? How to Participate in Travel Chats in Twitter?

Travel Talk on Social Media

Social media platforms are an innovative and real time stream of conversation compared to the travel forums of yesteryear. Each has its place, but the spontaneity and popularity of Travel Chats on Twitter are where many travelers, tourism authorities, lifestyle companies and curious onlookers get to speak on travel topics on a regular basis.

How does it work


So let’s say you’ve been invited to or have found information about a twitter chat on travel (or any twitter chat), The first thing to understand is that it takes place at a certain date and time (let’s use our own chat as an example: Mondays at 02pm Time EST) it is a live conversation of tweets that lasts 45 minutes on a weekly basis. Other chats can be half hour, hour or hour and a half and happen on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis normally. It is led by one or several Twitter accounts, in our case @traveladept



How does one get into or join the twitter chat? This is where most newcomers are lost, the way one follows the ongoing conversation of a chat is simple, you need to simply type the chat hashtag into your search bar. For instance if you were to plug into our travel chat, you’d need to search #TWWT. This hashtag stands for (TheWayWeTravel) and it can be used anytime by anyone on twitter, but chances are if you’re searching it or typing it Mondays around noon, you’re going to see our chat participants talking about the travel subject of the week.



The topic for a travel chat is usually set a week in advance. You can get this from our twitter feed or from a scheduling website that lists all the chats like this one. The topic is the overall subject which the participants are made aware of beforehand.



Remember that anything you tweet or answer must contain the chat hashtag to be part of the conversation. For example #TWWT in our chat.

Travel chats unfold in the following way:


-It is expected that you follow the person leading the chat so that you can receive the tweets of the questions directly and support their efforts to lead the discussion.

-At the beginning of the chat you often identify who you are and where you are chatting from.

-There are general questions and answers which the chat leader tweets out at intervals. The format for the question islike this, using our example Q1:(Question content)#TWWT  To respond to the question participants tweet: A1: (answer content) #TWWT The numbers change as new questions are posted.

-The questions are just a starting point, you may be interested or have a question or suggestion for another chatter based on replies. It is perfectly acceptable to retweet, favorite, or have side conversations, you can attach the chat hashtag to these as well.

-It is appropriate to share photos as part of replies too.

-It is important to keep refreshing your chat hashtag (e.g. #TWWT) so as to see what new content keeps coming in.



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