What does your travel accommodation say about you?

What does your travel accommodation say about you?


There are two essential questions in the mind of every traveler, whether conscious or subconscious. The First is how do I get where I’m going and the Second is where am I going to stay?


The where to stay scenario is likely to be influenced by the way you live in your own home and by the things/people you like to surround yourself with. For instance if your home is simply a place to crash, most likely you’ll be in for a no frills couch, hostel or basic hotel. If you take care in arranging your home and defining your living space, you most likely will be attracted by a luxury hotel or a well kept apartment.


These are just examples based on observations and personal experience. Of course other factors such as budget, length of stay, layover, travel intention all have a role to play.



Apartments / Villas

These types of lodgings appeal to various travelers. Benefits often include non traditional check in/out hours, living supplies, a fully stocked kitchen for those who like to cook and the privacy of a pool or balcony. It is a home away from home feeling.


Bed and Breakfasts / Home Exchange

These types of stays are very much a home away from home type stay, but with an even more social component. You look forward to living alongside your hosts or opening up your home to them in the future. It can be beneficial for getting a locals guide to a destination, trying some local recipes and libations, as well as creating new friendships.


Timeshares / Vacation Rentals


Most likely these types of pre-packaged stays are for a high value destination which are in constant demand. The benefits of programs or set vacation dates fit your lifestyle and one is not terribly interested in the thrill others have of searching through new destinations and types of accommodations.


Couch Surfing / Hostels

These types of accommodations are for road warriors generally who interested in a roof over their heads, trying to stretch a budget, or interested in meeting other backpackers. The couch surfing routine takes a very outgoing spirit and the hostel industry, while more formalized, can be quite an experience of humanity.



This type of bring your dwelling with you has the primary benefit of being able to stay in places with nature at your doorstep. Depending on the type of camping one does it may be cost effective but not always. The glamour camping or “glamping” trend is a unique blend of natural allure and luxury accommodations.


Hotels /Luxury / Historic Hotels

The hotel industry is as vast and varied as the people who work in it. Many travelers find the hotel experience overall to be the most attractive. This is no doubt due to the essential combination of privacy, a good bed, washroom, with security and services guaranteed by a more public lodging name. Those who choose to make luxury, upscale and historic hotels part of their lists have an interest in a sense of a unique atmosphere, personalized experiences, attention to detail and the carefree relaxation of good service.


What does your travel accommodation say about you?




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