Transit from O’Hare Airport to Chicago city center

Transit from O’Hare Airport to Chicago city center


Travelers often find themselves at O’Hare passing through and as a final destination. For both types the allure of the city is closer than one might think, thanks to efficient transit options. So whether one already has plans to come to town or is considering a few days stopover, the dependable and abundant transit will make the transition uncomplicated.



Metro Train 


This is the most cost efficient and readily available means of transit. Even a quick taxi ride cannot escape traffic jams and so the train being located inside the complex just a five minute walk from the baggage claim headed straight downtown is a quick and recommended option. Train service runs and the cost of a ticket is $5 for a single ride (including any line transfers when coming from or going to O’Hare. Otherwise all other single journey rides cost $2.25 The CTA train line servicing the Airport is the Blue Line.


Journey time between O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago is around 40 minutes. Trains run every ten minutes during the day and more frequently during rush hours.




The cabs are abundant but also a bit pricey. Expect to pay around $40 to get into the city proper, but it can cost more. Traffic can be bumper to bumper at times and so it can take even longer than the forty minute train ride. Travel time ranges from 25 to 90 minutes.


Shuttle Vans 


Shared Vans advertise rates at $25 per person and could be considered a good option for a larger group with heavy baggage. If going alone it can take not only the time of the journey, plus traffic but often operators will wait to sell a few seats in order to make their trip more profitable. Some offer combo packages with these services that may be as low as $15 for a trip.



Long Range Buses and Bicycles


The long range Bus center is found on the ground level (Level 1 near Elevator Center 3) near the Main Parking Garage. This center is the central pick-up facility for regional and hotel courtesy buses.


Alternatively the Airport may be reached by bike. One can take the blue line of the CTA and secure the bike at a CTA station and take the train the rest of the way. The Airport Transit System also provides a free train at its terminal in Remote Parking Lot E. Outdoor bike racks are provided at the north and south ends of the ATS Terminal.



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