Who needs a tourist Visa to enter Haiti?

Who needs a tourist Visa to enter Haiti?


Haiti is a country with great tourism potential. It is still struggling with some of the problems of the past but there are very nice areas to visit. New hotels are arriving to the city and people are generally very friendly with visitors. The requirements are actually not complicated at all.


Most tourists having a glance at the country are actually those visiting in one of the cruises with Royal Caribbean. The ship arrives to Labadee. This is a beautiful tropical beach surrounded by mountains but it is far from being a real experience of . No one going in one of these cruises needs any visa for Haiti, but it is not possible by any means to leave the compound where this idyllic port is located.


The good news is that almost no one needs a tourist visa to enter Haiti as long their passport is valid for at least six months and they hold a valid return ticket. Citizens from Colombia, Panama and will be required to apply for a tourist visa if they do not already hold a valid US, Schengen or Canadian Visa. If you are one of those very few requiring a visa the process is a little complicated, it has a cost of 25 USD it can takes at least one month and the consulate will require a lot of support documentation.

The airport is Port – au – Prince thought small it is a very nice facility. Another thing to keep in mind is that tourists are required to pay a 10 USD visitors arrival tax.



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