Top things to see in Alexandria Egypt

Top things to see in Alexandria Egypt


A major city of historic importance, with a beautiful coastline, a Mediterranean view, and full of modern wonders, Alexandria holds as much appeal for tourists now as it ever did in the ancient world. As Egypt’s second largest city, it is certainly worth exploring for its own merits.


Seldom does a city like Alexandria come on the radar, its unique position and occupation by so many ethnic groups has left a lasting impression on its streets, walls and wonders. The city is somewhat in decline of its storied past for the most part, but the which keep fueling tourism are some of the most well cared for.


Qaitbay’s citadel

As Alexandria faces the sea, so does its importance lie there too. One the famous lighthouse beckoned all to its shores, but that ancient wonder has gone. In its place stands a citadel with many years of history as a prison, place of refuge and defense and now it is an affordable maritime museum which offers stunning views of the sea, harbor and city.



This is one of the more scenic and lengthy walkways along a waterfront. In total it spans 15km and travelers looking to experience the best sights and cultural views in the city are encouraged to walk long portions of it. The people watching is excellent, one can observe the busy port that keeps the city running and enjoy some of the best private and public architecture in the city.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria’s massive collection of learning and a place of great intellectual appeal is mirrored today as it was in ancient times. Sure most of us don’t expect to pay to see a library, but this one is worth it because you will probably never see another underground library like it. The data storage and rare books alone are full of intrigue and the guided tour with admission price will be astounding for bibliophiles everywhere.


Alexandria National Museum

Skipping out on any museum in is like not eating pasta in , its just the right place to dive in. This History Museumhas over 1800 archaeological pieces everything from Pre historic to the discoveries of the modern era.


Roman amphitheater

This 2nd century AD construction is set up to hold over 800 spectators and it has all the works of marble, mosaics and intricately carved columns that suggest a stadium for competition and performance from ancient times. It is well worth going to see. 


Kom el-Shouqafa

Known as the catacombs of Alexandria, this portion lies East of the city and demonstrates a time before the founding by Alexander. The catacombs reveal funerary rites, traditions and processes which the original inhabitants practiced. There are three underground levels with ornate design and construction.


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