Top attractions in Singapore

Top attractions in Singapore


The increased tourism by Western countries to Asia as well as the already big tourism industry of the Asian nations has made certain capitals real hubs for traffic and exploration. Singapore sits in a unique geographical location for moving people, but more than its physical situation, its penchant for business, trade and a high quality of life make it a must see stop on many vacations.


Orchard Road This is the place of happenings in Singapore. is of course one of the best pastimes for a successful country and the wide boulevards will show you flagship stores of every well known world fashion label. The artistic design and lush tropical sidewalks make this an essential stroll.


Sentosa Island is an escape within the framework of Singapore’s city. Known as Asia’s Favorite Playground, one will find Universal Studios, a beach, family fun, casinos and of all kinds.


Botanic Gardens These might not be on every top ten list, but the climate makes Singapore a place of perennial blooms and flora. The long hours 5am-Midnight of opening mean you can take a scenic walk almost any time of day. There are informal tai chi gatherings, places to relax, read and eat.


Merlion Park is the place to come for the panoramic view of modern Singapore. The Merlion statue is a big draw, but the architecture around it, including famous like Raffles, Marina Bay Sands and the general beauty of the park and various structures are also acclaimed.


Haji Lane is an off the beaten path place to shop for jewelry, clothing, and all sorts of knick knacks that show the blended background of Singapore, Chinese heritage items, Islamic cuisine and a real street market type feeling.


Geylang is a neighborhood that’s anything but the polished skyscrapers and modern shopping centers. It is a throwback to the early days of trade and colonialism. Safe yet seedy one will find plenty of no name restaurants, street walkers and truly impressive neon lights and architecture.


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