Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is exploding with tourism and it has so much diversity to offer from mountains, beaches, rainforests and wonderful cities. Here are ten great things to see when visiting Costa Rica:



1- Papagayo, Tamarindo, Conchales

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

These are some of the very best beaches and resort towns on the Pacific coast. There is a mix of some of the most luxurious resorts and the high class of the country is here. It is a place to hang out, to enjoy the good life and to see and been seen in .


2- Lancaster Gardens and the Ruins in Cartago:

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

This city is magical with the ruins of an ancient cathedral and the beautiful botanical gardens run by the Costa Rican University with one of the most impressive collections of orchids of the whole world.


3- Orosi, Ujarras and Cachi:

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

Just one hour from San Jose is the Orosi valley where the first town in Costa Rica was built, its a beautiful place. Orosi still has the most ancient church of the country. Descending toward the valley offers fantastic views.


4- Irazu Volcano:

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

Just minutes from Cartago. One can arrive all the way to the crater. It is an impressive place. The road taking one to the top offers as well great views and beautiful nature.


5- Poas volcano:


This is located in Alajuela, another of the most fascinating places in Costa Rica, the crater presents one of the most fantastic views in the country and the nature surrounding the place is breathtaking.


6- Monteverde:

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

A three hour ride from San Jose, Monteverde is a national park, a town that has many little in the middle of one of the most exuberant forests in Central America. This is the place to enter in contact with nature, to watch amazing birds and to enjoy it at a relaxed pace.


7- Fortuna de San Carlos:

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

A laid back town at the foot of the Arenal volcano. Nearby are excellent hotels and resorts including the very famous Tabacon. Another attraction of these hotels are the wonderful spas centered around the hot mineral spring waters with special properties thanks to the presence of the volcanoes.


8- The National Theater and the Gold Museum:


We have to be honest, San Jose itself not a very attractive city, but if there is something not to miss these are the main two .


9- Tarrazu

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

This is home to the best coffee in the world. The scenic valleys and towns are full of rich soil, friendly locals and strongly held traditions. It is a couple hour ride South from San Jose, extremely worthwhile for those who love coffee culture.


10- Sarchi

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

This is a beautiful town in central Costa Rica where woodworking and painting is internationally renowned. Famous oxcarts, handcrafts and furniture of every type is skillfully produced. Probably the best souvenirs in the country.


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