Top 10 things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel

Top 10 things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel


There are two faces in , the old and the new, the historical and the contemporary and it seems both blend very well in Tel Aviv. This is a modern city with good , first class restaurants, shopping and great . At the same time the modern Tel Aviv fuses itself with Yafo, one of the oldest towns on earth, a lazy port with a bohemian feel, during the day is packed with tourists and at night its quiet streets become even more magical. Here are ten things not to miss when visiting Tel Aviv.


Eat in one of the many eclectic restaurants and cafes: Almost each month new restaurants open in this city. Local residents love high quality food. Some of these culinary venues receive many international compliments. The good thing of a city like this is that one not has to go necessarily to a very expensive place to enjoy a good meal, there are many cafes and family restaurants that will turn any dining experience into a wonderful event.


Enjoy an Israeli wine: maybe a little unknown in other countries, but the fact is that Israel produces some good quality wines, and in a city with such a nightlife scene nothing comes better that a good glass of local wine with great music and the breeze of this beautiful Mediterranean Sea.


To walk in the Old Town Yafo: Ancient cobblestoned roads, old churches, mosques and synagogues, many restaurants, dozens of art galleries and a beautiful view of the sea and modern Tel Aviv make of Yafo a place that no visitor should miss. It is equally beautiful during day or night.


Ride a free bike in the city: There are many bike stations all along the city, If one uses a bike only for a half hour it is free, one just has to introduce a credit card to get registered and take a bike. The secret is every time that one will hit the half hour just approach another bike station and exchange your bike for another one.


Stroll along the sea: the sea is beautiful here, almost everyday is sunny and the color of the water is gorgeous, plus the city has done an excellent job with all the areas along the beach where it is possible to practice sports, eat in one of the many restaurants or rest in the manicured gardens.


Enjoy the luxuries of Herzliya: It is called the Silicon Valley of Israel since may IT companies are there, but with them come new five star hotels, shopping centers, dining venues, and a great luxury resort feeling has hit Herzliya. If you want a suggestion about where to stay, the recently opened Ritz Carlton is the place.


To explore the Bauhaus architecture: Hundreds of houses, buildings and other structures where built following this tendency of design. It is because of that there is an area of Tel Aviv called the white city that is really worthwhile to explore. It has even been included in the list of heritage places by UNESCO.


To pay a visit to Manshia Train Station: An old train station with strong historical roots since it was the place of connection at the beginning of the past century between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, now it has been brought back to life, but as an entertainment venue, a place to enjoy good meals, art expositions or just a drink with friends.


To visit one of the many Museums: From the Museum of history, to the Museum of design that is a jewel of modern architecture or even the great Museum of Art, Tel Aviv is a great destination for museum lovers.


To get fit: In very few cities one will see such a movement to stay healthy. Day and night one will see people exercising from running, to playing volleyball or riding a bike, especially along the beach. And people try to eat healthy as well, so for those who want motivation to lose some weight, a visit to Tel Aviv -a place where most people look fit- can be a great beginning.


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