Tips to stay safe and well on the road when traveling

Tips to stay safe and well on the road when traveling

In light of all the current news many are wondering if it is even worthwhile to leave one’s own house and venture into a world of uncertainties. Nothing of what is currently happening should prevent us of seeing a wonderful world. Still prudence is the rule and some little precaution helps a lot.


1- Research your destination, be acquainted with the present situation and what to expect of the place you are visiting: Read the news (but do not believe everything) there very stable are places and others where one needs to be more attentive.


2- Learn which ones are good or bad areas to stay and to visit: Cheap does not always mean safe for , any city has better and worse places. In case of political protests always stay away from them.


3- Let someone back home know about your travel itinerary: It is not about reporting every movement, but it is good to be able to find you and for someone to know when you are supposed to be where.


4- Keep phone numbers handy: Police, embassies, consulates you never know when you may need to contact them.


5- Travel insurance is always a good call: It is one of those things one pays with the hope of never having to use it, but when the time comes one will wish to have it.


6- Make copies of all your personal documents, keep a copy back home and another in your e-mail.


7- Ask the locals about what is a good call and what is not: the concierge and others working in your hotel or the personnel in the are normally very helpful to obtain information and tips about local safety.


8- Know about the health treats of each specific place: It may be malaria, or tap water may be unsafe. Knowledge is power and it helps travelers to plan accordingly.


9- Be friendly and open to make new friends but do no engage with the kind of people that can put you in trouble: I am just amazed how travelers keep falling into scams and other problems. Being friendly does not mean to accept any invitation or just to disclose all kind of private information to any stranger.


10- Do not get paranoid, enjoy your trip and keep a little room for adventure



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