The Museum of Gold Bogota, Colombia


The Museum of Gold Bogota, Colombia


Visiting the Colombian capital promises many cultural experiences for travel . Things such as the historic neighborhoods, the delicious and ever affordable foods, the elaborate churches and the squares and social spots filled with music and life. Bogota has a strong showing of art and antiquity too.


One of the most intriguing metals that has accompanied humanity across the centuries is arguably gold. The Museum of Gold here is the world’s best collection on the subject. Even for one not attracted by museums overall, this place guarantees fascination. Equally attractive as the gold and other metal-workings themselves is the fact that the artifacts are pre-Spaniard. So it captures the culture, beliefs and genius of peoples whom we know a limited amount historically.




The museum is conveniently located in the central district of the downtown not far from the hipster neighborhood known as Candelaria. It is owned by the national bank and it can be found at Carrera 5 at the corner of Santander Park and Calle 16.


Specific things to see:


The museum is divided into three main floors and 2 special exhibitions. Overall it is not a museum that will take up the whole day, it can be a several hour excursion with a visit to the gift shop and watching some of the videos and visual displays.


The rooms on each floor are dedicated to certain indigenous peoples and the regions which they inhabited up and down the lengthy country. One can determine at least the major differences in religion, art and subjects of focus from the peoples who made the artifacts. Understandably most of the objects are quite small, but the occasional mask or statue or figures of a larger size bring a dazzling effect on visitors of every age.


The Exploratorium is a unique presentation that brings the visitor of the museum into a whole interactive space which explains how these elements were forged by their craftsmen and provides a rich context as background. The Offering is another immersive experience in which the guest can understand the ceremony which accompanied these objects as precious and sacred to those who made them.


Hours of operation:


Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Sundays and holidays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Closed Mondays, Tuesday-Saturdays and Holidays cost is 3.000 Colombian Pesos and Sundays are free for all.


The Museum of Gold Bogota, Colombia

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