The Leela hotels: An oasis of luxury awaits for you in India

The Leela hotels: An oasis of luxury awaits for you in India

The Leela Palace, Udaipur

This is amazing name in hospitality with an amazing history. The Leela were founded by Capt. Krishnan Nair when he was 65 years old, who knowadays is still the head of this impressive company, a man who always has dreamed big! He decided to open his first hotel in Mumbai in 1987 after he sold his multimillionaire family business. He traveled the world and he was exposed to many good hotels with excellent levels of service, he decided to create a hospitality group with a unique Indian touch. Leela is his wife and she has been a real inspiration in this history of luxury and service.

The group comprises properties in eight Indian cities including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Udaipur and Chennai. There are two fantastic resorts in Goa and Kerala and there are other hotels in the pipeline. Each property is unique and as such they strive to provide leisure and business travelers with experiences that exemplifies the essence of . Among their hotels there are several palaces, these are extraordinary destinations in themselves where one can enjoy an unforgettable vacation with the most refined service, beautiful decoration, impressive epicurean experiences and the amiability that characterizes Indian people. Once a guest arrives to the Leela hotels they can expect to be transported to a destination of peace, relaxation, wellbeing and fine taste. It is amazing to know that the work of all those being part of this group in inspired by that ancient Indian tradition “guest is God”.

Strategic location and individualized service is another characteristic that is kept in mind in each one of the hotels altogether with first class amenities and spa services that provides the best of Indian, panAsian and western techniques of relaxation and wellbeing. All the hotels boast magnific design with amazing generosity in the size of their rooms and many gardens, water fountains and manicured open spaces.


The Leela Mumbai was the first hotel opened, it is set amidst 11 acres of lush tropical gardens. It takes only five minutes driving from the international , located close to strategic commercial areas. The Leela palace Bangalore is one of the most striking buildings that one can see in the city, it combines in an impressive way the riches of Indian history with modern service and opulence. Their resort in Goa delivers a unique experience to the guests, blending the best of local richness with the singular Portuguese heritage, this is a resort with an idillic location with acres of beautiful gardens, a pristine beach and a first class golf course. Their palace in Udaipur is a singular combination of opulence and natural beauty. Guests benefit from the view of the lake and the mountains in a place that delivers an authentic regal experience.


Those who have had the opportunity of enjoying an stay in any of these hotels know that it is a trip to create memories for a lifetime. The personnel strives to do anything to please visitors and to deliver a one of a kind holiday. This is the time for India, a place of history, friendship and unique traditions, and if one is going there one of the Leela hotels seems to be the ideal place to be.


The Leela hotels: An oasis of luxury awaits for you in India

Lobby at the Leela Palace, Bangalore

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