A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain


A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain


Tourists who are on the pathways of rural beauty in will be surprised by the City of Wine complex that rises seemingly out of nowhere. The architecture reminds one of a civic center, museum, hotel and sculpture from a major cosmopolitan city, but here it is among the farms and countryside proclaiming the glories of wine.


The setting for this innovative structure is a traditional and quiet region of Spain. This is the heartland of one of the world’s most famous varietals, namely Rioja. The City of Wine complex is found in the town of Elciego, Spain, home to the oldest winery of the Rioja region.


A cathedral of Wine

A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain

The complex houses the best of wine and architecture and it is most notably a wine cellar and a hotel. The cellars are the treasure chests of the Marques de Riscal winery and there are countless collections upon collections with bottles representing every year of wine production since the founding of the cellars from 1858. For enthusiasts of wine there’s no need to look elsewhere the in-built hotel of the same name Marqes de Riscal is a Luxury Collection property that opened in 2006. It boasts pure experiences of refinement, absolute luxury and innovative design. The Caudalie Marques SPA is world famous for its pioneering in Vinotherapie and has been awarded best Spa in the world by several leading travel and lifestyle magazines. Rooms make breathtaking use of richly colored woods, lots of natural lighting, massive windows and ultra-modern furnishings.


Everything you need for leisure

A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain


Needless to say guests to the hotel and the complex have innumerable chances for tours, tastings and opportunities to explore up close and personal every aspect of wine from the freshest grapes to the most exalted vintages. There are nearby golf courses, a ski resort, monasteries and hiking treasures.




The City of Wine is truly an unrivaled experience of the finer points of wine and beauty. It is a building of incredible function, while at the same time embracing all of the carefree and liberated creativity that is so innate in the core concepts of wine and architecture. For those looking to have a new take on wine, stellar hotel service and an unforgettable experience of the Rioja region, nothing could be more charming than this delightful and imaginative outpost.




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