Ten places not to miss when visiting Italy

Ten places not to miss when visiting Italy


Italy stands out as a country in Europe and indeed the world over as a destination that has a magnetic draw and an inspirational effect on those who desire and get to experience it. It is quite a diverse country packed with places of rich history, monumental views of earth, sea and sky and most of all a heartwarming and unforgettable culture of family, food and fun. Many tourists like to pair the major like , Venice and Milan with some other towns that show a different face of the countryside. This list of ten places not to miss cannot be realized all in one trip, but it will hopefully provide some variety to an itinerary and allow visitors to go beyond the cliche destinations and explore this country’s unique heritage.



This Tuscan town sits amidst rolling hills and the most celebrated landscapes in the country. Find an ancient city with art, excellent gastronomy, personalized B&B’s and cooking classes.



The Almalfi coast is home to deep blue seas, winding mountain roads and superb nature. Positano is a town full of colorful homes, an amazing beach culture and scenic views nestled in seaside cliffs.


Murano & Burano

These islands just off the canals of Venice are notable for their natural beauty, but also for their characteristic artistry. Murano is known for its colorful and skilled glass products and Burano is a place of scenic and vibrant architecture.


Cinque Terre

Not one but actually five towns, this stretch along the Northern Italian coast offers a fabulous network of trails and panoramic sea views that one can hike encompassing the five scenic cities.



This famed town in Umbria captures the essence of the Italian countryside of vines and olive groves around a perfectly preserved Medival city. It is a place of pilgrimage for many and just around an hour from Rome.



An excellent day trip from Rome, here one can explore a unique city built on a promontory with ancient Etruscian tunnels and archeological ruins. The city is home to gorgeous churches and fantastic squares and restaurants too.


San Marino

Well its really its own country but it is surrounded by . Europe’s oldest Republic occupies a mountaineous territory in central Italy with spectacular views, unforgettable castles and a defined culture worth a visit.



This picturesque town in Italy’s Piemonte region offers a look at fascinating architecture and scenic beauty of the nearby Alps steeped in a corner of Italy rich in history.


Monte Sant’angelo

The Adriatic sea offers majestic views, warm waters and pristine beaches especially around Monte Sant’angelo. This beach town has lots to see and explore and has an inviting and rich culture. The countryside nearby is full of grain fields and salt lakes that produce the country’s most famed invention: pasta.



This scenic town overlooks the volcanic lake of the same name and offers an amazing introduction into the quiet town life of Italy just a half hour train ride from St. Peter’s train station in Rome.



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