TAP Portugal airlines review

TAP Portugal airlines review


The national carrier of offers a broad range of service within Portugal, , and the Americas. Undoubtedly the exploratory nature of Portugal in colonial years has contributed to the Portuguese descendants and immigrants living in these various parts of the world. Overall the airline has 75 destinations in over 30 countries.


Having been a passenger with TAP several times I can say that it is an airline with clear value for the money. Much like Portugal itself as a destination, it is not the most expensive or the most luxurious, but one gets a good value for what one pays for. Oftentimes for an affordable ticket to Europe from the U.S. TAP is a good option. Their routes will carry you directly to Lisbon or to another European capital often much more affordably than other connections.


On the ground


Check in has always been quick and professional. I have noticed regular schedule changes on some flights but there has always been proper notification and updates days ahead of time. The airline process on the ground and in the air are always standard, no extra frills, but good dependable service which gets you where you want to go without any fuss. Baggage has always arrived in a timely manner and in Lisbon connections are easily made, as the airline usually gives 2 hours between flights.


In Flight


The airline offers an economy class and an executive class for passengers. The economy class is comfortable, a step up from many of the American trans-Atlantic experiences. Executive Class comes with the usual upgrades of more space, amenity kits and a more refined meal and beverage service. TAP is also a member of Star Alliance so it can earn members of that program points and privileges. The aircraft are comfortable and clean of Airbus design.




Many of the planes offer a standard in flight entertainment system, it could be better to compete with other airlines, but it has a respectable offering of movies, tv shows and music channels, especially on long haul flights. On the A330’s the entertainment is personalized with on demand video screens. The length of the flight determines which options are available to passengers. Most flights within Europe are around 2.5 hours and so may be limited to just one feature film.


Services and Amenities


TAP flights always offer some kind of food service, still common among European carriers. For a shorter flight it may just be a sandwich and a drink, for longer haul flights usually a dinner and breakfast service is standard. Food is palatable, but not too creative or memorable, an upgrade here would be a nice complement to the Portuguese wine offered on longer flights.



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