Taking a taxi in Kuwait City

Taking a taxi in Kuwait City

One will find that City is quite pedestrian friendly with sidewalks and crosswalks along main streets, however the dusty desert conditions, the extreme summer temperatures and oftentimes the distance between various places makes taking a taxi more desirable.


The Panorama

The good news is taxis are reliable and abundant in Kuwait. Every driver we encountered was courteous and stuck to the general city rules about pricing. Drivers would engage in light conversation and would always hand us their business card upon exiting the taxi, with hopes of being able to provide future rides if needed. English skills were good and drivers were familiar with major and landmarks, we didn’t ask for any specific addresses along our routes. It did not seem to make a difference which taxi company we hailed, they all had good standards.


City Cabs vs Hotel Cabs

There are two basic types of taxi cabs at your disposal in the city. Taxi’s parked in the hotel parking lots are private vehicles and as such will always be double the price of a taxi you can hail in the street. As a general rule any one way ride between two points within Kuwait City will be 3 Dinhars. Any hotel cab will charge you 6 Dinhars one way. Rides to and from the are 5 Dinhars in a street taxi and prices vary with the private car services that serve the hotels and VIP pickups. It is best to plan on paying cash and drivers have change usually.






Taking a taxi in Kuwait City


  1. Good advice here for taking cabs in Kuwait. I make it a rule to always get a cab near a taxi stand to be sure that I am getting an authorized driver.

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