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Mar 10

Getting from Rome to San Giovanni Rotondo (Padre Pio Shrine) in Italy

  This place of religious devotion in Italy’s Southern Puglia region should attract so much tourism and pilgrimage. The Capuchin monk who lived here was and continues to be a revered figure and a source of discussion, but the shrine is a must see for many people visiting Italy.

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Nov 27

Flying with Frontier Airlines: how bad is it?

Low cost airlines bring the thrill of savings but often a shudder of red to anyone who has flown them. Cramped and uncomfortable spaces, seemingly higher stress in traveling and of course the idea of why didn’t I just pay a little more comes to mind.

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Aug 13

Warm Mineral Baths just a few hours from Rome: Termi Dei Papi

  The thermal waters of the Pope’s as the name for an ancient mineral spring describes well the one time relationship the city of Viterbo had with the Papacy. Arriving to this particular attraction was something unexpected and extraordinary for a typical daytrip excursion in Italy.

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Apr 25

Turkish Airlines: How our recent trip confirmed to us that this is one of the best airlines in the world

  We have flown Turkish Airlines for several years and it never fails to disappoint. We recommend it a lot to travelers that we advise because it is a real treat to travel with them and the quality for price is excellent. Still we find some people hesitant because of things like the US travel …

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