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Dec 06

One of Florida’s most panoramic places for nature and fitness: Sarasota’s Celery Fields

The building and growth in the Sarasota community, a blooming arts town on Florida’s Gulf coast, has been exponential in recent years. Thankfully, the city and county have had a long range plan to develop key natural sites which will hopefully stay green and undisturbed for years to come. The celery fields are a series …

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Jun 11

Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers

  We love to ride at home and when we travel we are always seeing new places that inspire us to seek new roads. There are some places that are dream destinations for those who love to ride and it is well worth it to travel with a plan to cycle.   The considerations that …

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May 17

Huntington Beach California is a surf and sun paradise!

  California beaches range from raggedy cliffs to sprawling wide sands, enough variety for every type of beachgoer. Huntington Beach we found very attractive because has the allure of the original California hotspot: vast stretches of white sand, excellent surfing waves and a massive pier for fishing, sports facilities and panoramic views.

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Mar 17

Czech Republic is a treasured place for cross country skiing

  It is a fact that some of the main ski resorts worldwide are in Europe and no one denies that Eastern Europe takes a very important part of this cake too. Czech Republic and particularly Prague are among the most visited destinations around the world but their ski centers are not necessarily well known …

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