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Review: Prego Ristorante and Bar Manila Philippines

    The recently opened City of Dreams complex in Paranaque, just near Manila’s airport complex is the site of luxury hotels, shopping and gaming, and they certainly didn’t forget fine food. There’s a bevy of restaurants focusing on all kinds of international fare, one that stood out to us immensely was Prego, the local …

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Where to enjoy an authentic meal on the island of Murano, Venice Italy

  Imagine you’ve arrived in the early evening to the beloved yet, less touristed island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon. The daily crowds have subsided, but in addition to the end of the day, it is a holiday. Well these are the circumstances we found ourselves in, looking for dinner on this too sleepy …

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Basan: culinary creativity in Sincelejo, Colombia

  Our recent trip to town brought us the experience of a newly opened restaurant: Basan. Rising from the savanna of Colombia’s Caribbean region of Sucre is the hilly town of Sincelejo. It has a sizable population and fame yet it is a place where many people still know each other by name. 

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