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Sep 27

What we recommend to visit in Bogota’s old town: La Candelaria

  Like any good capital city with a colonial past, one neighborhood stands out amidst the others with a historic flair, unmistakeable surroundings and culture, attractions that make it truly unique. In Colombia’s capital city of Bogota this area is known as La Candelaria.

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Jun 28

Budapest, a beautiful city that always captures our heart

    Budapest is the European breakout city of our time. From a glorious romantic era past, through the run down soviet era to the present, the city has undergone spectacular transformations which just add to its colorful history. Beautiful architecture, fantastic food, wellness and many cultural opportunities are abundant. There is no shortage of …

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Jun 25

Prague: The best city to wander without a map

  Prague is a beautiful and magical city, a place full of charm with breathtaking architecture, first class hotels, great restaurants and fascinating history. It is a city we can revisit again and again without boredom.

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May 21

What we found in Baku? One of the most beautiful cities in Europe without the crowds of tourists

  We have been wanting to go to Baku for years and we’ve finally done it. We found a city with both a charming history and a bright future. Baku is a reimagined Paris or Rome, with ornate splendor alongside the modern infrastructure of a city with a great quality of life. We of course wanted to …

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