Suzhou, China’s canal and garden city

Suzhou, Chinas canal and garden city

It might be one of the most beautiful in you’ve never heard of. So after our visit we wish to share why you need to see it.  Suzhou is often called the Venice of China. It receives great numbers of domestic tourism year round and it is close enough to Shanghai by train and bus to be considered an easily accessible excursion.

The city has an ancient side and a modern side, it is laid out very grid like and is massive so be ready to put on your walking shoes. The sights are incredibly worthwhile to see, the ancient part of town is like stepping back in time. The modern part is beautiful in its own way too and the excellent range of makes accommodations worth the while.



City of Gardens


The Humble Administrator’s Garden is one of the top places to see where the riches and prosperity of this beautiful city have flourished for centuries. It has displays of bonsai trees and home furnishings from another era. Cost ranges depending on the season from ¥70, ¥50 and hours are 7:30am-5:30pm


The Lingering Garden is another one among 9 gardens in Suzhou which have UNESCO world heritage status. The pine coves, bamboo shade and whole layout of the garden invites one to relax. This is a far less crowded spot, so be sure to check it out after the Humble administrator’s or head straight here if you are short on time.


City of Canals

This entire area is well known for lakes, rivers and low lying wetlands. The city sits at the confluence of many canals which make streets small, quaint and inviting. It is beautiful just to stroll around the Grand canal, walk the fascinating bridges or even take a boat ride on these waterways.


For the best and most scenic water experience head to Zhouzhuang Water Town, it is just 18 miles SE of Suzhou proper. Temples, bridges, gondolas and houses are as unique and pristine as the periods they clearly represent, a heavenly journey back in time.


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