Sunset Corners: a wine selection worthy of a world traveler’s taste in Miami

Sunset Corners: a wine selection worthy of a world traveler’s taste in Miami

Miami is a wonderful town for gourmet food and drinks. The hottest hotel bars and cuisine festivals are going on all the time, but that’s not what I was looking for on my last visit. Knowing this town imports wines from around the world for its top restaurants and hospitality venues, I figured some of it had to make its way into the local liquor and wine shops. 


I was pleasantly right. After doing some research I found a very unassuming storefront at 8701 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL 33173. It is a residential part of the city that is about 20 minutes from the and 40 from downtown. It is vast inside. I was immediately aware once inside however that this place has some real history and business savvy and it was obvious by the products they were selling. It has much the same variety of a big box liquor chain, but with a very mom and pop type vibe. The employees were friendly and ready to assist if needed.


The selection of liquor and beers takes up the first large room. There are all the standard things one could expect with a variety of promotions and offerings. There was a large section of craft beers and import beers as well.


The real gem which attracted me in the first place is the second room. This is the wine room. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall there isn’t much space to navigate which was fine with me. I came in search of some specialty Italian Barolo’s Brunello’s and found many producers I had not seen in other wine shops. Not only was there new producers, but bottles ranging from the most recent vintages to some of the more classic and best production years. There are many great South African, French, Latin American and specialty wines on display too. Prices are good overall and if you are looking for some novelty bottles this is certainly one of the best we’ve encountered.


There is a great selection of imported cheeses, meats and other delectables which again fit the bill of being authentic and original from some of the best gastronomic regions of . They pair excellently with all the refined beverages sold here.


Sunset Corners: a wine selection worthy of a world traveler’s taste in Miami

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