How to become a successful travel blogger?

How to become a successful travel blogger?


I constantly read stories about people who quit their job and went around the world traveling and became rich as travel bloggers. Sorry for the bad news, but it is not as easy as it sounds, most of those stories are not even real. Yes, there may be some lucky enough who have done that, but the truth is that the majority of us need to continue with our normal existence if we still want to be travelers.


One can a be a successful traveler, one who visits many countries around the world and to share these experiences with others without having to do something out of the ordinary. Here are some tips I can give after many years of globetrotting the world:

1- Enjoy what you do: no one travels to make money, it is true that one travels to become rich, but rich in experiences, in friendships and memories.
2- Be yourself: being original is one of the most effective ways to create good content and to impact those who are looking for inspiration and travel ideas.
3- Be patient: not only as a traveler but as well as a blogger. There is no way that a webpage will become popular from one day to the next.
How to become a successful travel blogger?
4- Work hard: it is a hobby, but if one wants to get somewhere it requires a lot of discipline, it takes long hours to build any serious webpage.
5- Be ready to invest a lot of time, effort and money: the only way to get something back is to put a lot into it.
6- Be open to answer tons of questions and the same questions once and again. I know that in the beginning one is eager to receive a e-mail or a comment, but then there is a moment when the same questions are asked constantly and one has to be ready to answer them with the same original eagerness.


7- Learn from others: there is people who have been doing this for long time, it is always good to hear what they have to say about travel.
8- Know yourself and believe in what you do: this is the recipe for success, if one does not believe how is it possible to expect that others will believe in it?
9- Be a good traveler: be respectful, be open and be humble. There is always something good in everyplace. People have dreams and projects and they are eager to share it with others. Traveling changes lives but overall it changes us for the better.


How to become a successful travel blogger?

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