Some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to the Maldives

Some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to the Maldives

There are no doubts The Maldives is one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations on earth. It is considered as a hang out for the rich and famous and it is indeed an expensive destination with superb , usually very secluded and exclusive. Service and facilities are top notch and the natural beauty is breathtaking. Still with a little planning The Maldives can be a destination to be included in your list of dream trips.


There is a low season and a high season:

This is true for almost any destination, and Maldives can be far more affordable during low season. I am not saying it will be cheap, but the difference for a hotel room can be in the hundreds of USD per night. Low Season does not mean rain 24/7, even when it is possible to have several rainy days what is far more common is to have in the same day rain and then sunny blue skies.


Male is a destination worth to explore:

The only exposure that most people have of Male is the international , that is located actually in a separate island. But Male (the capital) is an small city worthwhile to explore and even to spend a couple days to be immersed in its unique culture and to try some good restaurants.


Be mindful of the distance and the price to get to the different resorts:

The Maldives is made up of thousands of Islands. Most of the resorts occupy a whole little island. Some of the places can be accessed through a speedy boat from Male, but for others one has to fly in a Sea plane which is a wonderful but very costly trip. Just the from Male International Airport to a resort can add as much as 600 to 1000 USD per person. The speedy boat by itself can be quite costly as well.


Food is quite expensive in the Resorts:

While one can find quite affordable restaurants in Male serving great food. Dining venues are extremely expensive in the hotels. The restaurants are usually excellent but one has to keep in mind that everything has to be flown into the country and then distributed by seaplanes or boats. Liquor is only allowed in the hotels outside the capital and it is as well very expensive. Many travelers prefer to pay in advance for all inclusive plans or at least half board.


Be respectful of local traditions:

The Maldives is a conservative Muslim country an as such one has to be well informed of local traditions. Pork products, several religious articles and liquor can not be flown as part of one’s personal luggage.


There is no need for a visa:

When entering the country most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival, by just showing proof or monetary resources and hotel reservations.


If Maldives seems to be very expensive….

It is better to plan very well ahead a trip to the Maldives and to keep in mind all the added extra costs. It is possible to find some nice deals and good packages but if one budget is kind of limited is better to plan for another destination. The Maldives though a beautiful paradise it is a costly trip and certainly one where every penny expended is worth the effort.


Some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to the Maldives

Matt and George

Matt and George

We are friends of many years. Living in opposite parts of the world, with different lives and responsibilities: History teacher and Medical Doctor. Sharing a passion for travel, hospitality, food, and wine. We love to inspire others to venture into these journeys of discovery and exploration.

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