Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered

Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered


While being one of Europe’s most pristine wonders culturally and naturally, is at the same time quite unknown to many travelers. The country has a long history of settlement and diversity of influences which is evident by the many surrounding countries it borders today. Slovakia sits in the heart of Europe so there are many reasons and ways to get there. The country is very safe for travel and our numerous trips there have always left us in awe of its beauty.


Ease of access

Getting into the country does not pose any great challenge. There are direct flights available into its larger from other European destinations. The trains are a delight to take within the country and are well connected to its neighbors. The roads which twist and turn through many rugged landscapes are great for drivers and cover the country well.

A most common point of entry would certainly be Bratislava the capital. It sits along the Danube River only 40 minutes from Vienna, which also makes for another option when flying into the region. Bratislava is the capital and most populous city, but its less than .5 million inhabitants gives it a laid back feel. The beautiful historic center is well preserved  while nightlife is fun, hotels are of good quality and affordable.


A land of history

Slovakia is comprised of mineral rich mountain ranges with wild nature, all along it is a paradise speckled with charming historic towns, historic ruins to well preserved castles, wonderfully intact Medieval mining towns like Kremnica and Banska Štiavnica.

Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered
The Old Town in Bratislava


A land of Nature

The four full seasons that mark the year could not be more vivid than in the natural sites of Slovakia. It boasts a bunch of UNESCO heritage sites, wonderful caves, forests, peaks and gorges. The country’s unique trail networks for hiking and cycling are an accomplishment. The mountains reach their summit in the Northern Tatra which is a place for unparalleled winter sports. Slovakia is a country for the outdoorsy type. 


A land of Culture

Slovakia is still marked today by a strong identity surrounded by religiosity and customs. Traditional dress is still common in small towns on Sundays. Family and regional traditions have central importance in the life of people and the society is overall conservative. There is a strong emphasis on local food which may give vegetarians above all some difficulty.  The infrastructure for tourism is great inside the country, however their tourism industry is lacking a more active presence online and especially in social media.

Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered
The Majestic beauty of the High Tatras

Matt and George

We are friends of many years. Living in opposite parts of the world, with different lives and responsibilities: History teacher and Medical Doctor. Sharing a passion for travel, hospitality, food, and wine. We love to inspire others to venture into these journeys of discovery and exploration.

Matt and George

2 thoughts on “Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered

  • 10 January, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Slovakia sure is worth a visit, sadly it is still common that some people need an explanation regarding that it is a independent country and no longer a part of Czechoslovakia.

    There is so much to enjoy, such as eating traditional food in Zilina, having a look at the Castles in Trencin and Nitra or enjoying a glass of wine along the Danube in Bratislava. 🙂

    • voyageur
      10 January, 2016 at 9:55 pm

      Hi Jesper,

      Thanks for your thoughtful reflection, Slovakia is so beautiful and in need of more discovery by tourists for sure! We hope to be back in the Tatras soon!

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter


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