The most memorable spots in Seville, Spain

The most memorable spots in Seville, Spain


Seville is a city with a great history, a lively culture and a rich variety of . Our experience tells us that when in Seville one should enjoy the balmy weather, the calming river and the exciting gastronomy all within easy walking distance. Herein you will be able to explore several recommended attractions and panoramic spots from which we felt most attracted to the city.


The Patio de los Naranjos

This mystical garden square lies in the shadow of the Cathedral and in the heart of the city, but is a quiet and scenic spot. The mature orange trees grow properly in the stone courtyard that has origins in the Visigoth, Islamic and Reformation periods. Fountains, sitting areas and a gift shop make it a place to relax.

Torre Del Oro

This watchtower is of unique design and considerable age. It is called golden because it was once decorated with golden tiles. It stands alongside the mystic Guadalquivir River and it houses naval artifacts as well as documents and instruments.

La Giralda

Part of the greater Cathedral complex, the Giralda is an icon of the city, signifying its varied past. This tall tower once stood as a vast Islamic minaret, now it is a belltower the stands beside the Cathedral. The climb to the top is lengthy and only can be done on foot. The panoramic viewsof the city are second to none.

Seville Cathedral

The world’s largest gothic cathedral and third largest church is sure to have visitors in awe at the soaring heights, shimmering treasury and pure majesty of the place. The artwork is exquisite and the historic monuments, tombs and inscriptions could take days to explore.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

The Oldest bullfighting ring in the world is a unique stadium which houses a ritual popular in and even more so in Andalucia, the region of Seville. One doesn’t need to be a fan of bullfighting to explore the majestic architecture and many historic displays ongoing throughout the year.

Royal Tobacco Factory

A vast building that looks more royal than industrial, this was for a long time Spain’s second largest building and remains one of the oldest of its kind. It now serves academic purposes for the University of Seville. It is only accessible to those involved with the University, but a walk around the outside presents impressive tiles, artwork and views of its immensity.

Plaza de España 

Most any town in Spain will have a plaza de España, but this one is assuredly much more memorable. It was built as the centerpiece on an exhibition in the 1920’s and shows the fluid and creative curves of Andalucian architectural genius. It showcases beautiful fountains, bridges, paving and brickwork. Most notable of all are the ornately decorated towers and the azulejos, tile displays of vibrant colors and masterful scenes. This is probably the most photogenic spot in town.

Alfonso XIII Hotel

This opulent abode is the historic gem and stylish address of the city. Location couldn’t be more perfect, it embodies priceless architecture, furnishings, carvings, tiles and offers an abundance of amenities made for royalty. It can be pricey but it brings one into contact with the city’s timeless luxuries. Stop by and view the posh lobby and atriums.


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