Salzburg Austria

Salzburg Austria


This town called the Salt Tower of the Alps is reknowned in as a beautiful city. It is well laid out with wonderfully preserved buildings, the backdrops in every direction are scenic mountains, a towering castle hill overlooking the city plain and squares full of art and culture at every turn.



Mozart House


Some of the best in the city appeal to people of every taste and age group. The most famous native son for the city is the composer Mozart. The Mozart house is a popular attraction. The house has a beautiful yellow hue and his birthplace is on the third floor. The house is open to the public and of course the town is packed with Mozart themed souvenirs of all kinds. Even a local Pastry, a chocolate ball called the Mozartkrugel is a delight which have many locals and tourists finding creative ways to appreciate his legacy even today.


Hangar 7


This local attraction is like walking through a time capsule of flight. The aviation museum walks tourists through the earliest stages of aircraft to the vehicles of outer space flight. There are often presentations and activities for the whole family.



Hohensalzburg Castle


The charm of this fairytale city wouldn’t be complete without the iconic castle overlooking the rest of the city. Hohensalzburg castle first and foremost is one of the best spots for panoramic views of the city. The rolling peaks that encircle the town are nothing to overlook either. The castle can most easily be reached by a handy funicular and there are museums inside.


Toy Museum


Many of us could probably define our storage spaces or children’s rooms as a toy museum of sorts. This unique showcase space has some of the most famed and pristine kept toys on display from past till recent memory. An interactive museum too, there are even displays and areas in which one can play with the toys, no matter what your age.


Salzburg Austria


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