Romania: touring ancient culture and rugged lands

Romania: touring ancient culture and rugged lands

We’ve been privileged on several occasions to visit the fascinating country of Romania. It sits in the heart of Eastern a crossroads of history ancient and modern. Its fame encapsulated in dark forests, enchanting castles and deep rooted traditions. If you haven’t been yet you should, it is affordable, friendly, beautiful and fun!


Bucharest the big city on the plains:

Romania these days has many good connections with low cost and regular airlines to cities and countries all around Europe. The capital is and it is certainly a great place to start any trip here. In Bucharest see the world’s largest parliament building. Explore the cuisine and nightlife district of Lipscani, eat well in a traditional restaurant like Cara Cu Bere, see dozens of gorgeous churches, check out authentic soviet era architecture and the open air museum of homes and villages is a one of a kind attraction. All major and international restaurants have a good presence here too. Hop a train, another plane or rent a car to see what this country really has to offer.


Transylvania: Home of the woods

The mystic fogs, thick forests and prominent castles of Transylvania are world renowned. Skip the dracula stuff thats so cliche. Visit historic Cluj Napoca the main city of the region. It has wonderful marketplaces, public squares, shops, new malls and museums.


Romania: touring ancient culture and rugged landsPoiana Brasov: the sporting mountains

If you want a nice winter sports challenge, steep summer hiking or just great panoramas head to Poiana Brasov. This majestic peak sits in the Carpathian mountain range and rivals any of the good Western European slopes for beauty and challenge. There are some nice resort hotels nearby and equipment rental is very affordable. Best of all it is an easy day trip from Bucharest and the medical town of Brasov has many attractions to thrill you.


Timisoara, Romania’s hometown:

This unassuming little city near the Serbian border has been a historic site for the first streets illuminated by electricity and as well marked a defining moment in the country’s bid for modern independence. It is filled with rosebushes, public squares, little riverwalks and plenty of good cheer.


Constanta palace by the sea:

Romania’s third largest city is a resort town on the black sea which has deep historic and archeological ties to the Greek and Byzantine empires which ruled nearby. The historic center sits nicely with the many modern shops, resorts, casinos, beaches and entertainment venues.


Romania: touring ancient culture and rugged lands

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