Airline Review: Azerbaijan Airlines

Airline Review: Azerbaijan Airlines

A good airline with great potential


Azerbaijan as a country has made a strong push to increase tourist infrastructure which includes, hotels, city logistics, a beautiful and a growing national airline. Skytrax currently awards Airlines as a three star carrier. We can say the flagship carrier for the country has the makings of a good airline and potential to increase its service and reputation.


The hub for the airline is Baku-Heydar Aliyev international airport. Azerbaijan Airlines provides service to Europe,the Middle East, The Commonwealth of Independent States and other parts of Asia. North America so far is served by a Flight and sights have been set on Southeast Asia as a future destination. In May of 2015 a flight will be added to Berlin Tegel. Flights to Turkey and particularly Istanbul are frequent.


For flights coming in and out of Baku Azerbaijan Airlines will often try to make their rates competitive to other airlines which keeps ticket prices reasonable for the particular market of tourists and citizens moving in and out of the country. Often in foreign airports such as Dubai and Istanbul the airline will have further gates and lighter staff as their fleet is still very light.


On board service can best be described as average in terms of the amenities offered. The in flight entertainment has a variety of options but not the latest and best range of movies, games and features. The cabin staff are dutiful and serious about their jobs and make an effort to be welcoming, however even more friendliness would be a good increase in service. The food is standard but not with much flavor. There always seems to be a type of Azeri cheese showcased. Wine is offered as well.


The airline seems to be free of many of the issues airlines of similar size struggle with. As Azerbaijan increases it tourism appeal, international business and vacationing, it seems Azerbaijan Airlines has the foundation to build a strong and well regarded airline. 



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